Create a Picklist (Dropdown Menu) in Builder


Picklists in Honeycode function just like dropdown menus. They're easy to build and make for a snappy user experience.

To build a picklist, you will have to add rowlinks. Rowlinks and picklists go hand-in-hand. It’s a concept that’s easiest to grok when you see them side-by-side. Let’s check out the relationship:

  • A rowlink is a format that stores an entire row of data in a single cell.
  • A picklist enables you to limit which table rows are stored in the cell.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: In your apps, a rowlink is rendered as a UI dropdown menu. In Honeycode, we refer to this as a picklist.

Formatting rowlinks in Builder

In Builder, you can format a data cell as a rowlink—the process is similar to what you’d do in tables. Rowlinks are always rendered as picklists in your app’s UI.

  1. Click on a data cell to open the properties panel on the right.

  2. Go the Display tab.

  3. Format the selection as: Rowlink.

  4. Set your source.

  5. Hit Apply.

Enabling picklists in Builder

  1. Format your data cell as a rowlink (see steps 1-4 above).

  2. Check the Editable box above to allow app users to select options from a picklist (dropdown menu).

Add Picklists/Dropdown Menus to an App_Image 1

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