Create a public site?

Can I create a public site using Honeycode?

I thought this was an internal company (or named users?) app but then saw some article stating this can be used for a public application. Playing with the app I don't see the option to make it a public app.



Eager to find this out as well. Can the app created with HoneyCode be hosted as a custom URL e.g. ?

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Same question here. How do i make a survey for say participants of an event and not necessary in my Honeycode team?

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Looking forward to an answer. I am looking into Webflow to create my public site but if Honeycode gives me that option, I'm jumping in rightaway. Do we know the answer yet?

Can I create a public site using Honeycode?
How can i make the app public ?.

Hello everyone, great discussion here and interesting request you all have put forth. Today the way to share is by adding individuals to a team. Once they are in the team, either as an admin or a member, then you can share the app with them. It is not possible to share with other individuals outside of the team, such as with the public. Please visit here for more information Sharing Workbooks & Apps.

I have noted the request though and will pass it on to the product team for future consideration.


Thanks for answering @aj, I had the same question. I'm no coder, but I created a fairly extensive financial calculator using Excel and was hoping to turn that into a web and/or mobile app for public distribution and selling, possibly even with user log ins. These users would be completely external and I wouldn't know them, not part of a work team. If your product team is willing to do product discovery interviews for this use case, please encourage them to reach out to me.

thanks for honeycode, fast to grow , please consider it,

if it is released in the public forum then it would be much help

That's nice and good.
Only then does the interface make any sense.
Just a game.

Hi @DR4G0N, thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community! We've definitely been hearing from the community about a public site/app capability. Curious if you could elaborate a bit more on your particular use case(s) or requirements?

Looking forward to anything more you could provide.

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Here's a use case.

Brand new website. Trying to make a simple email list sign up app. Set it up in literally 15 minutes with 0 experience with honeycode (holy cow you guys are onto something here) , and I want to publish it to my website until I design/build my actual website.

Hi @derek, welcome to the community and thank you for both the feedback as well as a description of your use case. Can definitely understand the need now and will be sharing with our product team for future consideration.

Please keep the ideas coming in. Hope the rest of your building continues to be delightful. :slight_smile:

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