Sharing Workbooks & Apps

In My Drive , you can see all your workbooks and apps. You can search by keyword and filter by asset type or access.

Access levels

What you can do in workbooks and apps depends on your access. There are three access levels:

  • Workbook owner
  • Collaborator
  • App user

If you create a workbook, you are the owner by default. You can also give other teammates owner access, or change your own access level as well.

Workbook owner

When you share a workbook, your teammates will automatically have access to any apps associated with that workbook. With owner access you can:

  • Create and share a workbook and its apps with teammates
  • Create and edit tables, apps, and automations in the workbook
  • Manage teammate access to workbooks and apps
  • Remove teammates from workbooks and apps
  • Delete workbooks and apps

**Please note that there must be at least one owner for a workbook.

Workbook collaborator

With collaborator access you can:

  • Share the workbook and its apps with teammates
  • Create and edit tables, apps, and automations in the workbook
  • Add/remove other collaborators from a workbook
  • Add/remove app users from an app

App User

With app user access you can:

  • Use apps shared with you


Anyone with an Amazon Honeycode account can create a workbook, build apps, and share with their team. However, you must be teammates to share your workbooks and apps.

  • In MyDrive you can share share any workbooks and apps
  • In Tables you can share your current workbook
  • In Builder you can share your app or, use the pull-down to share your workbook, which includes any apps in the workbook
  • In Builder, you can share your app directly in the View app screen

Sharing Assets_2

Whichever you choose, you’ll see a pop-up showing the workbook or app to be shared. As you type, your teammates contact info will auto-populate.

Choose what access level each contact should have. You can change access levels at any time if you are the workbook owner.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: The way to share is by adding individuals to a team. Once they are in the team, either as an admin or a member, then you can share the app with them. Currently, it is not possible to share with other individuals outside of the team, such as with the public.

How-to view & share apps

See our View & Share Apps how-to for the step-by-step instructions.

Invite team members

Learn about Honeycode teams in our Teams Overview & Roles article.

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