Create Groups in Tables


Groups can come in handy when matching multiple individuals or things to a single entity, for example, adding individual members to a team. We'll show you how to do this in your tables.


  1. Start by creating a Teams table with two columns. We'll fill out the Members Filter column in a later step.

  1. Create a Members table and format the first column as contacts. Click Apply.

  1. Click the chevrons and fill the column with formatted contacts.

  1. Click on the Team Dropdown column and format as Rowlinks to the Team table. Check the Enable picklist checkbox. Click Apply.

  1. Click the chevrons in the Team Dropdown column and select a Team for each member. You can feel free to put individuals on multiple teams depending on your needs.

  1. Navigate back to the Teams table and format the Members Filter column with the formula below and click Apply.

=FILTER(Members, "Members[Team Dropdown]=THISROW()")

  1. Click on the filter icon to see the team's members.

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