Creating an editable details screen

I used the tool wizard to create an app from a list. The wizard automatically created a 'detail' screen. It displays data fine, but I want to select an entry from a list and go to a screen that allows for editing and updating data in the table. How is this done?


Hi @OCDavid, welcome to the community, and thanks for your post! :smiley: :honey_pot:

If you'd like to make fields on the details screen editable when creating an app with the App Wizard, click the pencil icon next to the field:

If you've already created the details screen, you can make the existing fields editable by checking the "Editable" box in the properties:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honeybee:

Great. Looks like it automatically saves changes without requiring an action button. Thanks for the help!

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You're welcome, @OCDavid, happy to help! :star2:

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