Daylight Savings Bug

Hi Honeycode team!

I know that Honeycode is ramping down at the moment, but there's currently a bug seemingly caused by the Daylight Savings shift today.

Some of the date/time fields which previously read 4:00pm are now reading 3:00pm etc. (I am in the Australia/Sydney timezone) the bug is similar in nature to the other bugs which appear around this time each year.

While I am working day and night to migrate my application out of Honeycode, I'm afraid my business still heavily depends on Honeycode until its shutdown in February. Is there a team that would be able to help have this bug fixed?

Hi @Eric0 ,

Thank you for reaching out.

I've created a case with the team, I'll follow up again shortly.

Thank you,

Hi @Eric0,

I've followed up via direct message for some additional information.


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