Dynamodb integration

I'd really like to present data from DynamoDB in Honeycode.

I am building an app that creates tasks from Amazon Connect to LEX with a transcription of the request going into DynamoDB. I now need users to be able to view and complete these tasks, Honeycode seems the perfect place but I can't access the data.

AppFlow only has S3.

Hi @Adri-13ca,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

Direct integration of AWS services with Honeycode is an appealing option. Currently we do not support this functionality, but you can take a look at Honeycode API capabilities:

Furthermore, Honeycode provides integration with Zapier. I suggest exploring amazon-honeycode-integrations-dynamodb

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please be assured that we'll pass on your feature request to the product team.

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