Erase date in field

In my app, I have many screens that display all sorts of dates. All of our users need the ability to enter, edit, and erase dates to keep entries accurate.

We cannot erase the date via the app as when editing a date field, the iOS date picker opens when you tap the field and I don't see a way to clear the date.

In addition, on desktop you can't just highlight the date to delete it, you have to highlight the month and delete, then highlight the day and delete, and then highlight the year and delete.

The inability to clear dates impacts the date displayed to the user, breaks automations, etc.



Hi @Allen, thanks for your post!

I tried this on an app with time and date data, and I was able to erase the data easily (I'm not experiencing what you are).

For this, can you submit an issue report to us with screenshots of what you're seeing? You can submit an issue report through the Honeycode builder by clicking on the Help icon on the left-hand panel > Report an issue. I'm happy to help you there.

I submitted the issue.

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Thanks Allen, we got it.

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