Error or Bug?

Hi HoneyCode Community!

I have this formula that's working perfectly on the other version of my application and when I duplicated it to add a new logic / changes the formula throws an error, I hope HoneyCode support can help :smiley:

attached is the screenshot of the formula

All variables exist, I also double check the name of each variable (I'm aware that I spelled Editable wrong XD ) . The button and formula actually works in view app, I just dont know why it throws an error lol

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Hi @John-ce1c,

Happy New Year! Thanks for the screenshot and question here.

If you are copying and pasting a working formula from another app, sometimes just re-writing the variables in the formula will fix the issue. You also want to ensure that your screen variables are on available on the current screen you pasted into as well (and have the same name, as you checked).

Also, since the visibility property checks if the formula returns true or not, you can simplify your formula by removing the IF() function around it.

You could do something like:
=AND($[Editable]=TRUE, $[NullStatus]=TRUE)

Just a tip to shorten your formulas :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions on this :honey_pot: :honeybee: