Explorer Series | Automating an Employee Awards Program using Amazon Honeycode

We introduced a quarterly award on the team to acknowledge outstanding contributions, and we needed a mechanism for folks to nominate their fellow colleagues. In our newest Explorer Series blog, Automating an Employee Awards Program using Amazon Honeycode, John walks us through the app the team built to manage the nomination process.

Blog preview:

Our Amazon Honeycode team decided to create a quarterly "Extra Mile" award to recognize people who did great things outside of their regular job responsibilities. Of course, we first had to define the award criteria and how the winners would be recognized - that's unique to every team and after a few days, we had agreed on the plan.

So we asked ourselves: Could all of this be handled automatically using Honeycode? The answer was "Yes," and we created a couple of Honeycode apps that we’ve been using for several quarters now... Read full blog

We encourage all of you to give it a read, and comment below with any questions!

The Honeycode Team

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