Explorer Series Video: Builder Automations


In this video, we will use the Inventory Management Template to showcase Builder automations as part of our Explorer Series!

The builder automation topics highlighted in this video are:

  • Overwrite: The overwrite action writes data to cell(s) in your tables. We'll demonstrate how a single click in the app can trigger an update to multiple pieces of table data.

  • Set variables: An automation that sets variables is handy when you want to pass data between screens, or make something appear to move from one app screen to another. We'll illustrate how to use the Input Row variable =$[InputRow] to execute this.

  • Navigate: The navigate automation configures which screen the app changes to. We'll showcase how a button can be used as the trigger.

Video :film_projector:

:warning: Did you notice the warning sign in the template? This means that there could be an issue with the references or that the app has to execute the automation before the data can be confirmed. You can read more about warnings here.

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