Explorer Series Video: Invite & Share

In this video we show you the simple ways Honeycode has to share workbooks and apps, plus invite new team members to join.

Video :movie_camera:

Sharing is essential in Honeycode. Adding team members lets you collaborate on the workbook when building. Then, when ready, share the app for use by your wider team.

You can share an entire workbook, including all associated apps, or share just an app. Honeycode lets you share, while at the same time invite new members to join your team. Once they’ve signed up for a Honeycode account, they have access to the shared asset and can begin building on their own and share with you.


Hello Cherfair, relating to sharing the app, I've only been successful in sharing it with just one member and can't seem to share it with others. They get the invite, but once they register, they don't see the "join team" link.

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Hi @Will-9e63, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you're sharing your apps -

For your team members that don't see the link to join your team, please check the following:

  • That they created a Honeycode account with the same email address that you invited.

  • That they verified their email address. The verification email is sent shortly after creating an account (could be in a spam folder).

After completing both steps, they will see a pending invite for your team once they log into Honeycode. If it does not show, they can also click on the link in the team email invitation to go to the page to accept the invite.

You are also able to resend the invite from the Teams page, if needed.

Let us know if that helps :honeybee: If you're still having trouble, please submit an issue report to us from the left-hand panel of Honeycode by clicking on the Help icon > "Report an issue."