Feature Request: Automatic contact column resolution

What’s your feature request?
It would be useful if the email address, name or alias of a team contact could be automatically discovered and linked when the format of the column is "Contact".

These are two different situations where the described outcome would be useful:

  1. When a column format is changed from Auto to "Contact" and it already contains data with the names or aliases of a team member.
  2. When we copy and paste data into a column that already has been formatted as "Contact".

What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
This process is currently cumbersome as it requires users to import or paste data into a table and then go into each cell, click on the drop down and find the correct user that matches the name, email address or alias already contained on the cell.

How are you/is your team currently blocked?
We have a relatively small number of team members and a few data points associated to them at this time, which allows us to go into each cell or drag the cell corner to extend the validated contact names. However, this is not scalable and in order to extend our app to more people we need to be able to automate the discovery of contact columns. Doing it manually for a large group of people would be unfeasible.

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Hi @Fernando, Thank you for suggesting this feature. I can completely understand the need as I have personally experienced this before as well (e-mail address not auto-resolving to team contact). Your need has been noted and will be considered in a future update.

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