Filter() syntax error

Could you please help whats wrong with the following. Im getting syntax error
=FINDROW(Filter(Indexes,"Order by Indexes[Date] Desc"))[MetalPriceIndex]

I'm trying to get the latest entry in the table sorted by Date

Hi @ALEX-f078,

Thanks for reaching out. Having simulated the formula, I don't see any issues. Please see the screenshot below.

Could you please send the syntax error that you see on the screen?

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.40.45 PM

Hi Pankaj, Thank you for testing it out. My mistake wording it as syntax error. Instead I should have worded with "No Data" in the Index Data Cell as shown below.

By the way if I change the formula to
=findrow(Indexes,"order by Indexes[Date]","desc")[MetalPriceIndex]
this works and gets and displays the Index Data Cell data properly
Not sure why so, since Conditions, Condition parameters are supposed be optional according to documents.
thanks again