Formula IF with Rowlist Picklist


Summary I am creating a transaction history table with a amount column.

The Table

  • Column 1 = “Transaction Type’ The format is a “Rowlist and Picklist”. The choice are Withdraw, Deposit, Ajustement etc.
  • Column 2 = “Amount” the format Currency.
  • Column 3 = “Value” the format is a Currency with the formula.

The objective When transaction type is “Withdraw” then “Amount” is multiplied by -1, or no change.

The Formula for Column Value:
=IF([Type]=“Withdraw”, [Amount]*-1,[Amount])

The issue I have a #Error


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Hi @Sebastien I love that meme :slight_smile: I ran into a similar issue myself a few months ago. Looks like the reason you are hitting the error is because you are comparing a 'rowlink' with 'text'. Rajesh helped me out with it and I think the same fix will resolve it for you. Here is the post with the answer.

In short, you can update your formula to something like this =IF([Type][INSERT COLUMN NAME FROM THE TABLE 'Type' is linked to]=“Withdraw”, [Amount]*-1,[Amount])