Generating external templates for printing

Im trying to create an app that should be able to take its user`s input data on given form and use it on external template for printing purposes(.doc, .pdf, etc). Im using now the simplest google forms to do it and it works very well.
Is there a native way to do it? API?
thx in advaancce


Hello @Dr_Leandro I have no answers for you but I was wondering exactly the same question, I will follow your post while waiting for an answer

Hi @Dr_Leandro and @Stph-1188, today Honeycode does not have the ability to send data to formats such as .doc and .pdf. This has been a popular feature request and is something our product team continues to evaluate. I'll take note of your requests for this as well.

In the meantime, you may want to explore the Zapier integrations for export/PDF/print functionality (with webhooks). Depending on the specifics of your use case and just how far you want to go with this need, there may be some options in there for you.


@Dr_Leandro , yes it is possible by using AWS honeycode SDK you can. You just need weebhook and additional layer to process it such as webserver nodejs to process anything you can dream of.

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