Great front-end, but need it backed to my own AWS resources

Love the front-end builder, but my use case for this and I believe for many others is if we can either route ALL backend calls through lambdas (including CRUDL and Cognito/Auth) or at the least if we can route all data persistence to DynamoDB tables within our own accounts that we can trigger off of.

Any more complicated user stories like syncing data to DDB would be helpful as well or supporting triggers on all UI events via Lambdas or RESTful APIs would also work. But ideally, whatever data is persisted from Honeycode should be visible in our own AWS accounts.

The most basic use case is this:

Company spends $X developing mobile or web apps, but backend admin and supporting apps are down-prioritized as not part of MVP, but they are essential. To have honeycode support our existing S3, DDB/DAX, or RDS and lambdas on the backend allow all of these LOB apps to be built UPON existing app infrastructure (instead of all-new infra as it appears to do now).

By limiting the backend to all-new non-accessible backend storage, honeycode becomes ONLY useful in dead-ended apps which IMHO is not that useful.


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Hello @RobP-311a thanks for your suggestion and welcome to the forum! It is a really interesting idea to allow more access our backend systems. I understand your use case and have communicated it with the team.

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Hi @RobP-311a I know it's been a while since this post, but wanted to bring to your attention to web-hook based integrations and new Honeycode APIs we announced this week. You can potentially use the web-hooks to trigger a Lambda and the new APIs to move data to and from Amazon DynamoDB or other services. Check out Release Notes - December 2, 2020 for more details. Would love to hear your feedback, if any - happy Honeycoding, if not!