Honey Code CLI datapull

Hi I am trying to access Honeycode table using CLI but getting an error
I have checked the resource documentation but unable to resolve,
Also can I pull the Honeycode table into S3 .?
Please let me know who can help me ready to hop on call.

Hi @Desh-695f welcome to the community and thanks for your question! You can use the CLI to get data using the get-screen-data command. You will need some set-up before hand by building an app in your workbook for accessing data, and setting up access control. I recommend Getting Started with Honeycode APIs if you're new to this topic. Happy honeycoding!

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Hi Rajesh,
Thanks I have my CLI configured not sure if I am missing anything.
Can you help also for Profile .? should I be using my APP(Name).?

Hi @Desh-695f, I don't think you're missing anything. From the screenshot I see that you're enclosing the IDs between '<' and '>'. That is not expected by the command and will not work. In other words, the command should look something like:

aws honeycode get-screen-data \
  --workbook-id wbcde-abcde-1234 \
  --app-id abcde-abcde-1234 \
  --screen-id sbcde-abcde-1234 \

and not

aws honeycode get-screen-data \
  --workbook-id <wbcde-abcde-1234> \
  --app-id <abcde-abcde-1234> \
  --screen-id <sbcde-abcde-1234> \

As for profile, you can use any Named profiles. Listing the profiles should show a list that you can use

For example, in my case, the output of the list-profiles command looks something like:

$ aws configure list-profiles

Which means I can use either of these profile names: api-test or default.

If you don't have any profile, you can start by configuring one. Let us know if this helps!