Honeycode and Google Sheets

Hey everyone,

I've been working with Honeycode for a few weeks now, and after much toil I'm able to make the sorts of data entry apps I'm looking to make. The problem I have now is that the data goes into the Honeycode tables as a sort of archive, and there's no efficient way that I can find to them move that information to Google sheets or elsewhere. For my application I basically need to get the information from Honeycode into sheets, so that I can then pass it to Tableau. My question then is does this functionality exist and I've just missed it, does it not exist and there's no intention in it being implemented, or is it something Honeycode is exploring and may implement in the future?

Our company's use of Honeycode basically hinges on this, if we can't easily export or read the data from Honeycode into sheets/Tableau then we can't use it for our purposes at all.

Thanks so much for the info!

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Hi @Davi-13a2 - currently the best way to programmatically read the data from Honeycode workbooks is via GetScreenData API. You'd have to create an app with a screen that contains the data you want to read, and then use this tutorial to setup your pipeline.

To answer your question about whether we are exploring implementing or improving such a feature in the future - many users like yourself have asked us about external integrations. This made it one of the top areas for us to focus development resources on. Stay tuned!


Hi @Davi-13a2 we launched Zapier integration yesterday that lets you move data between Honeycode and Google sheets. Check out Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow for more details. Let us know if you have follow-up questions!

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