Honeycode App Viewer Broken

Every time I try to open any web app, starting yesterday, I get redirected to the honeycode login page, where it refreshes over and over again in an infinite loop. My web app has been down for over 16 hours now. I tried to report an issue twice, but both times I got an error message saying: 'something went wrong and your error was not reported, please try again". SSO is not enabled, I am on the free version. Builder, and Table Viewer work fine. Mobile App also works fine

Hi @Town-b3a1, thanks for letting us know what you're experiencing; We received both of your issue reports this morning, so our team will take a look into the logs to see what may be going on.

In the meantime, can you try clearing your browser cache and restarting your browser (quit all browser sessions)? Since it is working on mobile for you, that may clear the issue you're seeing on web. Let us know if that helps.

Hi Alyssa, thanks for reaching out. I tried clearing my cache on chrome and I'm still experiencing the issue. I also tried updating the browser, incognito mode, and even tried Microsoft Edge, all of which resulted in same refresh loop for the web app. I also tried creating a new blank app and the same issue happens when I try to view the blank web app.

Hi @Town-b3a1 , ok got it - thank you for confirming!

Our team will take a look into the logs, and we'll be in touch with you.

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I'm having the same problem, I have deleted the cookies and cache from my browser but the problem is still there. Can you help me?

Hi @Norb-1644,

Thanks for letting us know what you're experiencing. Could you submit this to us in an issue report as well? In Honeycode, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue."

Done. How can we fix it? Or when will this issue be fixed?

Hi @Town-b3a1 and @Norb-1644 :honeybee:

Our team has implemented a patch for this issue, as of last evening (PST). Please try loading your app again (you may need to clear your cache and restart your browser), and let us know if you experience any other trouble in the future.

Thanks again for bringing it to our attention!