Honeycode as a Serverless Front-end

If there is, is there a way/or plans to allow the front-end to integrate with AWS serverless apps? We need something easy to build a front-end web app and this fits the bill.

Hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Honeycode's webhooks make it easy to integrate with API Gateway. Use API Gateway POST method to call Lambda function or any other compatible serverless service. Another option is to use Zappier or Amazon AppFlow to integrate Honeycode with other services. For more details please review integrate-data-with-zapier-and-amazon-appflow

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further question.

Instead of API gateway, would like an EventBridge event. Honeycode is already in the AWS space so no need for API gateway, correct?

hi @Wayn-bcee ,

Thanks for your query.

Actually classic Honeycode support webhooks, I have tried calling API Gateway as webhook. I haven't tried EventBridge as the target for webhook. If you try, please share the knowledge.

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