How to add a cancel button automation


I'm making a honeycode application where you can update row data in a form kind of visual.

I have made a "Save" and "Cancel" button but I am unsure if Honeycode is even set up for these to matter.

The "save" button is an automation that updates current screen.

The "cancel" button is an automation that navigates to a new screen-previous screen.

I say these do not actually matter because immediately when a change is made in a picklist or drop down it automatically updates the data in the tables, regardless of whether they save or cancel changes by clicking the buttons I added.

Is there an auto update option that can be toggled in data cells so that updates to the data tables will not be made until you navigate to a new page?

If not, it seems like save changes and cancel changes buttons would actually be useless.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

Hi @TimS-c049 you can create a cancel button and you can add an automation that delete the row that has been created (if a new row has been added). This solution can answer your request to not validate any new data when you click "cancel". Hope it can help you!

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Hi @TimS-c049, in addition to Joel's response, I'd recommend checking out a previous thread that was related to Disable Live Updates & Only Update Row Only Upon Click. This provides guidance to another builder that wanted to avoid "live updates" by using an edit button.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have additional questions.

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