How to add Images?

Hey everyone, I am trying to add logo with my Welcome Title, is there any possible way to do it?


Waiting for a reply.

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I am facing same problem.

Hi @thesheryar and @KKhafaji, welcome to the community! Today we do not support images or logos. However, you can get pretty creative with unicode emojis. This may not fit the need though if you're looking to have your personal or company logo, but if there's interest, I'd suggest checking out sites out on the web that have emojis readily available. It's quite a fun way today to add more personality to an app!

And by the way, we're seeing this ask popup more and more, so rest assured that our product team knows about it. In the meantime please keep the feedback coming in!


There is no way! Just wondering if there is a space to add few plain HTML or ng codes.


We know that HoneyCode is a beta but... No images? On apps? Really? :S


I need the app to add / edit / view/ delete to records images from the phone camera / gallery or desktop and other file types like PDFs. This is very important.
I hope you add this feature very soon.
Thank you


I'm currently working on a inventory. I would be fantastic to have a image on every product on my inventory. Just like Amazon.


how can i add image?

Hope this helps:
From aj:

I don't see a way to upload files. I'd like to create a photo album app.


Welcome @jim-577d! Thanks for joining our community. We currently don't support images; however, we've seen similar feedback and will include this in our report to the Product team for consideration. Please continue to share your suggestions with us :slight_smile:


Closely related to file upload: specifically, the ability to take pictures of things (as well as scanning barcodes) from a mobile device would open up so many amazing workflows. I look forward to seeing where this platform goes!


Welcome and thanks for sharing, @epoger! We've included your feedback on the feature request for consideration as well :smiley:


please add a feature to let users be able to add images


Heyy, is there any way i can use images in my honeycode app? found an interesting read displaying this but the step are not given.

Any suggestions are welcome..

Surely there's a way to embed pictures stored on AWS buckets?

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Hi, @Kara-3612 and @Leon-b918, just wanted to write back and say thanks for your posts and inputs on this particular topic. And to confirm, today we do not have the ability to add/upload/embed pictures, but we've definitely been listening to the calls coming in for this capability. Please keep the ideas flowing in!


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