How to I pass data from one Screen to another

I to understand, how to pass data from one screen(My Task) to another (Edit Form Screen).

I have screen which list all task belongs to user.

When user clicks on the task (My Task Screen), it needs to navigate to Edit Screen and pass variables:

  1. I read many articles regarding ThisRow & InputRow
    But not sure exact Steps I need to perform on (My Task Screen) and Edit Form Screen

Any help is appreciated

Hi @San

Thanks for posting on the community! Glad to hear you that you found and read through articles on ThisRow & InputRow. In case you didn’t see this one yet, I believe this article that includes a video on how to pass information from one screen to the next will be helpful for you. If you have any feedback on any of our help content, please let us know so we can continue to create content that would be helpful for you! We’d love to hear your feedback.

To provide you some guidance on the steps , I am going to use our ‘Team Task Tracker’ template which you can find in the product as well. There are other great templates you can refer to, so feel free to check them out to refer to and use.

If you have a task list on one screen where a user can click on an item to see more details on another screen, what you will want to do is:

  1. Create the second screen you want to direct the user to and in that screen create a ‘Data Cell’ that you can name ‘InputRow’. This will act as your placeholder that will contain data of ‘ThisRow’. Note: you can set the visibility of data cell ‘InputRow’ to ‘False’ so app users do not see the placeholder. You can refer to this article for this.

  2. On your task screen with the list, create an ‘Automation’ where a click will navigate to the second screen and input =THISROW() in the ‘Take data from’ section and for the ‘and write to’ section input =$[InputRow]. What this will do is put the entire row of data for the item and it will push it to the data cell placeholder you named ‘InputRow’ in the second screen.

  3. On your second screen you can now have objects refer to $[InputRow] as it’s source of information and display its data for users to view and edit.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any further questions. Happy to help! :grinning:



Great! I will give a shot and let you know. Thanks for your help. :ok_hand:

Thanks worked!

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Awesome, thanks for letting me know @San ! :+1:

Happy building! :hammer_and_wrench: