How to limit visibility to column list until after user input in search field?

I have a column list with a search. I would like to limit the table from displaying until after the user has input a value in the search field.


I don't think you can do that with the built-in search field, there's no way to reference the object. (Am I right @kamran ?)

However, you can make a custom search field by adding an editable data cell, and then using the value of that field to filter the list's table.

You could then use the visibility property of the list, and have it return FALSE unless there are characters in your custom search field.


Thanks for you kind response @AndrewB. Would you mind providing some code and/or and example?

It would be difficult to type it all out, so I made an example, and uploaded it as a video here:


You are the best! Thanks @AndrewB

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Hi there Andrew, you never explained how the button in the video works and that is a part I never got. what is in that button?

@Coll-ad2f It's a fake button. The $[filtered] variable only updates with the new value from $[query] once the user has clicked out of the $[query] box.

So, I tend to add a button that does nothing. The user types in the $[query] field, then clicks the button, and it looks like the search worked. In truth, they could have clicked anywhere and the search would also work.