How to make a button disappear on a specific date?

Hello Honey Coders!

I am looking to make a button disappear appear on a specific date and then disappear after 7 days.

From the photo above, I know I need to add TODAY()>=Intake[Date] to get the Verify student button to appear on the date specified in the table-Intake column-Date.

Set visibility:
=AND(Intake[Verified Timestamp]="",Intake[Status]="Approved",TODAY()>=[Date])

What syntax should I use to get the button to only be visible for 7 days after the date in Intake[Date]?

Hi @DannyHoney have you tried using the OR() function? I set something up where a button shows up if my date in [Due] = TODAY() or [Due] is between today's date and today's date + 7. However, because I had a constant requirement where the [Status]<>"Completed" I added multiple AND() functions inside the OR().
Here is a quick sample in builder:

And here is the result in my app:

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Thank you for this solution. I was about to try an OR function; however, I did get the and function to work. I am going to keep your solution handy should I need it in the future. Here is the solution I found.

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