How to present a screen with summary totals

I have a table, collections. One column for a date, one for a product type, and one for quantity.

I would like to have a screen where user can enter a date range, then will display totals for each product type in that range. Is this possible? tia

Hello @John-504b, welcome to the community! Great question you have and I'll take a crack at providing some guidance. Below is a sample app that I built with the functionality I believe you are asking for:

  1. I have two tables, Collections and Types:

  2. One app with one screen with the following:
  3. Start date and end date data cells are simply date objects set as variables. For example, here's the start date properties.

  4. Then I have a list object with the following expression: =FILTER(Collections,"Collections[Date]>=% and Collections[Date]<=%",$[StartDate],$[EndDate])
  5. And that's it! Here it is in action:

Hope this helps!

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