How to select cells, instead of entire rows (EDIT: How to retrieve values from tables instead of entire row links)

I'm a bit new to Honeycode but I've found it pretty interesting. A supervisor at my work has asked if I could try to create a unit conversion app in honeycode. It has been going decently (stuggling for sure, but who doesn't with a new skill?), but I've hit one issue I'm finding difficult to circumvent. All of the functions that return data in the tables seem to always return entire rows, however I want to return one column of a row (specifically I'm having a picker that lets the user choose what unit is being converted, having the user input their value to be converted, and then trying to use a filter function to return only the conversion factor associated with what was picked and multiplying the conversion factor by the inputted value). However, it seems to be failing due to the conversion table having text in the first column to use as the filter, and the conversion factor in the second. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can work around this? Am I just missing how some functions work?

Thank you for the help!

EDIT: I've figured out how to select individual columns(with the [insert column here] attached to the end) but now am having another issue. I need to import data from a different table to multiply with the users inputted value. However, when you use getrow or findrow it imports the whole row and then I can't multiply the users value with the retrieved conversion factor. Is there a way when importing from the table to have it import as just a value instead of a link to a row?

Hi @BenB-cd68!

You're really close. As you've discovered, functions like =findrow() return an entire row of data. You can actually use the same pattern you used to reference columns, to get a specific column from that row returned by the formula.



This will go find the first row from the projects table, and then return whatever is in the status column for that row.

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Ah I see, thank you very much!

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