Implementing Chatbot within Honeycode App

Is there a way to implement chatbots in Honeycode apps? Can we utilize AWS Chatbot here?

Usecase : I want to add a chatbot wherein I will allow the users to ask questions related to the app.

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You can build one from scratch within Honeycode, although it won't be a small project. You'd likely be better off building an in-app help menu

Hi @Aman-3ff5, great question and interesting idea you have here. As @AndrewB had implied, today we do not have chatbot capabilities native to Honeycode. We do have an API, so perhaps there could be some sort of external chatbot that integrates with that.

I'd be curious in hearing more about your use case and what you are thinking about accomplishing with this type of capability, if you'd like to share more.

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