Import MS Excel and MS Project in native file format

I like the program! However, for ease of import for existing files, it would be great to be able to import MS Excel and MS Project in native file format


Hey @JimC-0405, welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback. Yep today we support imports of CSV only, but I'll pass the message on to the product team that there is also a need for native MS Excel/Project format. Please keep the ideas coming in and I hope all other aspects of Honeycode are going well for you. If not, you know where to find us. :slight_smile:

I think this will be a big enabler to adoption in the first instance. Speaking from my own experience, I took a spreadsheet, saved it to CSV, and imported to HoneyCode - meant I lost all my formulas and formatting - then had to start recreating everything. It was a pain and certainly a barrier to adoption. Yes, there is a plus side - it's an opportunity to re-engineer my spreadsheet to leverage the benefits of HoneyCode, but in terms of fast payback, I want to import fast, be productive fast, and re-engineer and innovate when time permits.

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Hi @Keit-d4df, excellent input and thank you for sharing your particular use case and issue. It's a painful experience you have described and I can understand the sentiment of this being a "barrier to adoption." I'm taking note of this in particular and will be passing it on to the product team.

Please note that each and every post that comes in we are evaluating; so please keep these ideas/suggestions coming in.

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