Improve the onboarding to a Honeycode app

  • What’s your feature request?Improve the onbarding workflow, so that it's easy to invite new users to an app. Just allow any email address to be entered while sharing an app with a note, this user will be joined to the team. So an app share combines all the steps from below. Additionally if they don't have a Honeycode account already, just create it on their behalf, when clicking on the invite from the email and only ask for the password to set. The app should be instantly accessible. A mail verification can be ommitted, as the invite comes from an email already."

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?the current workflow to onboard new users is extremely time consuming and complicated
  1. Admin: Invite user to the Team
  2. User: needs to create Honey code Account
  3. User: needs to login then
  4. User: joins the team and sees nothing
  5. User: has to wait/inform the Admin
  6. Admin: share the app with the User

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?This process currently blocks seamless onboarding. Especially as the Admin has to wait for the user to create their Honeycode account first and join the team. Only afterwards the Admin can share the App with the user. This is a horrible user experience, requires us to write tutorial for that and is very hard for not IT-affectionate users.
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@EmiiKhaos - Totally agree with this! It'd be much easier if the admin could share apps to a user when they are invited and then the user be able to use them as soon as they created an account.

hi @EmiiKhaos and @Jared, as always, thanks for such great feedback. You have some really good ideas here regarding improvements to the onboarding/invite workflow; definitely like the seamless experience you describe. Let me take this back to the team to review!

Appreciate all of your insights and ideas, please keep them flowing in.


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Hi folks, thank you for contributing to the conversation. We recently improved the way you share and invite team members to workbooks and apps. For more details, you can review Honeycode Releases & Updates | Sharing Workbooks & Apps and the Sharing Workbooks & Apps.

Be sure to us know what you think of the latest changes :honeybee:

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