Increased rows per table

I have concerns about the scalability of honeycode due to the row limitation of 100,000 records per table. Due to audit requirements of my client (related to sarbanes oxley and being a publicly traded company) the project I'm working on is required to have an audit log of all "activities" the users make. My current project is probably fine due to the limit of 50 users making changes, but I'm quite concerned that any new projects that I take on would not be able to maintain the required records (which is at the least two years of data). I do see there are some suggestions to work around this limitation, but they are far from adequate in allowing me to provide a turnkey solution which does not require client interventions or a lot of overcomplicated table structures. As honeycode is built on AWS, certainly there is the power there to scale beyond 100,000 records per table. Thanks for your attention.

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