Is HoneyCode the right solution for 175 Users?

Fellow HoneyCoders,

I need some advice and perspective. I've built two applications supporting the collection, integration and management of status reporting across three disperse teams. I was given the requirements, built the applications in HoneyCode and provided a demo to the stakeholders. The good new is they loved the solution! I found out, however, the teams needing the solution represent about 175 users. One visit to the pricing page and some quick math brings the cost to $1568.44/Month. I support a small business and It's not clear to me how well this will be received. Is this reasonable from a larger industry perspective?

Given the limitations of my skillsets, my other option is to go build this in Oracle Apex and see how far I can push our existing Always Free resources I have established in Oracle Cloud. The Apex Solution would be unlimited users and a upper limit 20GB or 40GB of data depending on how I deploy the application.

Please give me some perspective. I'm open to the community's wisdom and recommendations if you are willing.

Sincere Thanks,

Hi @DaleJWardJr, thank you for your input and sharing your use case. We have a thread on this topic right here:

Please note that we are actively listening to your feedback, and encourage you to continue to do so.

Hey Dale -

Not sure of how your teams are structured and what sort of data you are using, but is it possible for multiple users to use the same Honeycode account to login? For example: maybe your data collection team all uses a collection login (1 user, used by 15 people for the same functionality). This way, you may be able to reduce your user count and cost.

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Thanks so much for this suggestion! I will lose a bit of functionality inasmuch as when each user logs is, they can only see and contribute their own personal status report information. Perhaps I can build a pseudo authentication layer to achieve the same. Any thoughts are welcome. Again, many thanks.

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