Is it possible to create a bi-lingual dictionary with Honeycode?

I've been planning to create a bi-lingual dictionary, first I wanted to do it with Wordpress, then Strapi & Gatsby. Is Honeycode an easier solution, or even is it possible?

I don’t know strapi and gatsby, but I’d rather build a dictionary in Honeycode over Wordpress + advanced custom fields.

You’re just talking about key value pairs, right? Here’s a word, here’s the definition, maybe pronunciation guidance. That’s pretty simple.

Hi Shal, welcome to the community, that's a cool use case!

If you wanted to create a bi-lingual dictionary to translate words and phrases you could create a table with each column corresponding to a language, for example column A could be English and column B could be Spanish. In each row you could put a word or phrase and its translation in each language. Your app could simply be a List of that table with a search bar. What's nice about this approach is that it would scale to many languages.