Is there a portal view share login option or plans for one?

From what I understand you can not share the apps outside of the teams and there is no Portal style login access fro customers?

Is this correct? And if so is there plans to be able to share with customers so they can login etc...

Hi @Stev-7320

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! :wave:

Currently, you are able to share your Honeycode workbook and apps with others who have been added to your team. Here is some more information on Adding Team Members that reviews it in more detail. We have heard similar requests from other users on sharing, but I would like to learn more about your use case and any other relevant details.

Once I gather some more details on your use case, I’ll include your feedback in a feature request for our product team to consider. Also, if anything else comes up as you build, please don't hesitate to let us know!


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Thanks Matt

So having customers being able to log in to a secure account and check out where their prepaid support $ are and being able to top up the dollars. It would be like any requirement where you need customers to sign in to their account to view and complete a set of actions. Microsoft PowerApps have something similar where you can do this and have a secure customer facing secure login which they can register for to access and then us as Admin / team members can grant access. Or we can invite them through email and registration process to access the customer facing area.



Hi Matt

Also we would need Honeycode to be located in Australia region which at the moment it is not, but I guess like all other AWS services it will expand its location once it gets out of beta.

Thanks for sharing the details @Stev-7320 , I’ll bring this feedback to our product team!

For location, Honeycode is currently available out of our Oregon region. You can check back here for an updated list on additional regions that may be added:

If anything else comes up, let us know!


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