Is there a way to do a for loop?

I'm trying to have a button that clears a table of all entries. It seems easy enough to have it clear a single row, but I'm having trouble extending that to delete an unspecified number of rows, until they're all gone. I don't believe honeycode has for loop functionality so is there another way to do this?

@BenB-cd68, Open the "run options" section of the delete row step, and enter a reference to the table for run step on these rows:

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@AndrewB Doing just this doesn't make the button clear the table. I think I need to add a function into the "Delete Row:" box below, but I'm unsure how to make any given row pass the test? Sorry if this is incorrect or unclear I'm a bit confused about this.

Yup, use specific row, =thisrow(). The "Context row" option only works rarely.

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Perfect! thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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