Is there a way to enumerate the list object for the end user?

I have built an app that relies heavily on the list object and users scroll through a large amount of data on the list, at times exceeding the 100 per screen load. Feedback I have received is that users would like a way to know what point they are on the list with a numerical indicator. Such an indicator exists in the app builder screen, is there any way to make this counter visible to the end user?

Hey @Andy, one way you could achieve this is by adding a Content Box in the row (your list item) that would basically have two Data Cells with the following formulas:




Note: The minus 1 is to exclude the column header in the table.

Here's an example:

And here's the outcome:


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Thanks AJ for this suggestion! I have quite a few filters applied to my list that seems to be impacting the results I am getting from this method, to resolve do I need to embed the filter string into these data cells somehow?

Hey @Andy, after doing some research, experimenting, and talking with product managers, I discovered that it is not possible today to display specific row numbers in a list when a filter is used. I've logged a feature request for this particular functionality though, and the product team is aware of the need.

Thanks for checking into it for me! As a workaround I will build a bookmark/flag toggle in the meantime.

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