Issues with Run Step if this condition is meet

Dear HC Team,

I need to run an database update only if the value of a datacell is TRUE. I have applied the policy in multiple way, but it seems to have some issues. To verify I wrote the value of the Datacell to the Table and I am getting correct Value

As shown in the figure below I have applied multiple formulas like

Kindly Assist...

Hi @Jais-0eac,

Thanks for your post and screenshot, I can help you out with this -

First, I want to highlight your good practice to test the returned values in a data cell. That's a great way to verify values and help check the syntax of your formulas :slight_smile:

In regards to your question, the formulas you've tried should work, which means there may be an issue later in your automation.

I would just note that for this particular automation, you do not need to use the IF function, since the run options are already going to run only if the provided conditions are met. (So you can perhaps use =$[v_NWCell]=TRUE for the sake of simplicity).

When you say you're seeing issues, what is happening when you try your automation? Let us know too other details around how you set up the automation, and the goals you intend to achieve with it.

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Hi Alyssa, I am facing similar issue I have applied the filter need to populate multiple Cells and if they are populated then only create a new record for the same.
Attaching the screen shot, Can you help Thanks


Hi @Desh-695f,

Thanks for chiming in and for your screenshot as well :slight_smile:

First off, regarding the syntax, you'll want to use the AND operator instead. The syntax would be as follows, and will return true if all arguments are true: =AND(argument 1, argument 2, ...)

And from what you've described, it sounds like you may be looking to have mandated fields filled in prior to creating a new record.

If that be the case, here's an article that shows how to set up data validation, by setting up a submit button to only be visible when the data is filled in the form correctly: How to Add Conditional Visibility & Data Validation.

In the article, you can see how the AND operator is used to ensure that the fields are not empty and in the correct format.

Let me know if this helps. :honeybee:

Many Thanks @Alyssa

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