Linking Admob

Hi, can i place Admob codes using Honeycode?
I looking to monetize my app.Anybody please reply.

hi @Thas-5e5f, I love your question, great idea.

Right now there is no official support for ad networks and implementing it can be a bit tricky as Admob requires you to use their SDK in the iOS and Android build itself. With honeycode you don't get into the code at that level. You simply create the app and it appears (nearly) instantly into the Honeycode player app on iOS and Android; there is no Swift, or Java coding required or available at all in Honeycode.

I've also looked at AdSense or similar and pasting javascript into the app (in tag or elsewhere) and expecting it to render on the web is also not possible.

That being said you can always control who you share the app with. I will also take your idea and pass it along to our product team for future consideration.

Hope this helps,

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