List Scrolling beyond 100 list items. Infinite Scrolling

My Request: When working on a list with more than 100 rows, a "Show More" Button appears at the 100 row position. At refresh, keep the list view and the same point in the list.

When working with the list rows over 100, when an automation takes place such as clicking the "Call Student" button the screen refreshes below the 100 row position.

The Problem: When I want to take action on two rows such as row 150 and 160, (in the "show more" zone, the screen refreshes after taking the first action and throws me in a list view below the "show more zone" For example, I have two students, Ella and Nathan who are siblings. Their parents have arrived at the school to pick both of them up. So we call these two students using this app. Once we call Ella, the screen refreshes, and I have to click "show more" once again, and scroll down to the brother and click on Nathan. This really slows us down while checking out studens. See short video:

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Hi @Davi-7079, good catch on this and thanks for reporting the issue. I am able to reproduce it as well. And you are right, I can see where this becomes burdensome such as in the use case you've provided. I'm reporting this to our engineering team to investigate and consider for future enhancements. Thanks again and please keep the questions and feedback coming in.

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