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I built a unit converter in honeycode with a display that shows past conversions performed in the app. However, I want the app to now only show conversions done by the user in the app at that time. I added a column to my output table called [User] that logs the ${SYS_USER] variable when a conversion is made. I used to display all the previous conversions by having data cells that displayed entire columns in the output table. I replaced the data cells source formula with this:

=Filter(Output, "Output[User]=$[SYS_USER]")[Input]

However, this results in a #VALUE! error. Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you!

Ok, I now realize that the formula I was using would not work. I removed the [input] at the end and now it returns the filter correctly. However, it does not show the rows that pass the filter in the display, instead it displays a number indicating the number of rows there are that pass the filter. How do I get the actual rows that pass the filter to show up instead?

A data cell can only display a single value. You will need to add a Blank list block to the screen. Then, under the Data tab of the LIST PROPERTIES section, set the source to =Filter(Output, "Output[User]=$[SYS_USER]"). See below.

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 18-36-07

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