Missing Workbook Snapshots


Earlier today, I made a mistake and accidentally deleted a significant amount of work on one of my workbooks. I duplicated the app I was using and incorrectly assumed this would duplicate the workbook as well. Then, I deleted much of the data in the workbook to clear up space for my new project, not realizing this would remove the data from the workbook in use with my previous app since both apps pull from the same workbook.

When I realized what I had done, I attempted to recover a previous version of my workbook using the recover snapshots feature. However, I got a message saying "Workbooks are saved hourly, so there aren’t any earlier versions to recover." This workbook has existed for almost a year and I've spent dozens of hours on it, so I'm wondering why it says there aren't any versions to recover.

I will note that I did almost all of the work on that workbook from a "contributor" access, not as an owner. However, I had the owner check and see if he could use the recover feature, and he got the same error message. The owner then made me the workbook's owner, but I still got the error message.

Is there any way for me to recover a previous version of the workbook? I lost a non-trivial amount of data and dozens of hours of work, so I am very interested in recovering this data if at all possible.

Thank you!

Hi @Reil-5838,

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Do you mind submitting this issue within Honeycode? We can collect a little more data that way and our engineers can look into this for you.

You can report bugs and issues in the Honeycode dashboard. On the right hand side, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue."

In the report, you can just copy and paste what you have explained in this post and provide any relevant screenshots. Also, please leave the auto-generated diagnostics ID as this is helpful for our team to investigate the issue.

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Thanks for the reply, @Evelyn!

I submitted the issue as you instructed. I do now have the option to recover my workbook, but only to one snapshot, which was taken after the deletion occurred. It appears the year or so of work before the deletion was never snapshotted. I'm just speculating, but could that possibly be because I was a "collaborator" as opposed to an admin? The new snapshot is from around the same time I was given the "owner" role.

Hi @Reil-5838,

I've just sent you a private message to discuss further.

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