Native Regionalisation

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
    I reviewed an dismissed HoneyCode as a viable app builder for me back in 2020 as there was no native region support for basics like currency, date formats etc etc. There were workarounds at that time, but were extremely limiting as they compromised core features. i.e. date lookups didnt work, arithmetic on dates didnt work ( i.e. TODAY + 7 to get next weeks value of today ) etc

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?

I need to be able to process dates in UK Day/Month/Year format without loosing any Honeycode functionality. Same with currency - sterling instead of dollars.
I suggest users have associated 'environment variables' associated with them i.e. DATE=DDMMYY or DATE= MMDDYY so when a user is created the system knows how to process these fundamental data types without and further actions. All picklist, lookup and arithmetic actions would conform to this.


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