Navigating Between Apps

Background: My new application has many tables and to save time I'm using the automated builders as much as possible to save time in creating the viewing/adding/editing/Deleting forms.

The Issue: When using the automated forms creator, it first creates a new app for those specific screens related to that table. Great but when I want create the V/A/E/D forms for another table it creates another separate app and so on.
The problem is that i can't then use the app navigation tools to navigate between screens in the different apps because the screens in the other apps don't show up.

The only work around I found was to use the automated builder to create the forms, then cut/paste them to my main app, which then allows me to use the navigation tools etc. I'm hoping there is a simpler way to do this or that I've missed something … I could not find any information on this in the literature or community topics so hoping one of the gurus can help.

I have tried to use the add objects in my main app but it is slower and more tedious than the wizard...
I have to do each form one by one.


Hi @Jaso-6cc2, welcome to the community! :honey_pot: :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your building experience; I can see how you created additional apps when instead you intended to create additional screens. I have some tips around this that may be helpful:

The App Wizard allows you to create a new app and add screens for as many tables as you'd like before finishing the app creation process (The last screenshot of this article shows the "Add Screens" button). If you've already created an app, the List and Form app objects in Builder can create screens for you as well.

The List object allows you to add a list to an existing screen (you can start with a blank screen, if you'd like), and you can check this box to create a Details screen for the items in the list:

The Form object can create a form screen for you as well, or you can add a form to an existing screen:

Using those two objects, Builder can auto-create screens for you in an existing app, just as App Wizard does in a new app. :slight_smile:

Let us know if this helps, and if you have any other thoughts or questions around this. :honeybee: