Need images viewable in Honeycode

Our feature request is something that has been requested quite a bit by others. We need the ability to upload an image file and see images displayed. We manufacture customer rings for championship sports teams and it is key that we see our product images so that they are crafted correctly.

The problem with the current setup --Where we host a URL link for the image is that it slows down our team's workflow dramatically.

Would love a reply back that isn't "we are working on it". We have really enjoyed Honeycode and would like to use it as a part of our business process. However, if images will not be readily available we may need to switch platforms. Do you have a plan and date to implement img/file views? Looking forward to your response!


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Welcome to the community @kyle-signature and @Timo-91b7! Yes, we hear you 100%, as this has been a top request from our builders since we launched last June. We have an official feature request that the team has been prioritizing based on customer feedback. While I can't give you definitive details, know that we will definitely notify the community when we do.

In the interim, anything you can share about your use case and how this feature would help you achieve your goals would be immensely helpful for our team as we prioritize the feature request :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Taylor I'm on the same team with @kyle-signature. We have a couple of apps that we really want to be able to display images. The bigger app is a tracking system for the production of custom-designed championship rings. One of the biggest drawbacks we have with the system is that our users want visual indicators of which ring they are working with. For example, when displaying a list of the custom rings, they want to see an image to cue them in to which ring is which.

A smaller app is designed to help us track the work being done by artists assigned to create artwork for the rings. As you can imagine, seeing images is key to this app. We were able to design in one weekend the functionality that we had estimated would take a month to build from scratch. However, the users deemed it unusable because they can't see the images in the system.


Hi @Michael_W_SCR, thanks for joining the discussion! While it's encouraging to hear your success in Honeycode in terms of functionality + build time, it's disappointing to know your users deemed it unusable without this feature. Regardless, the information around your use case is quite helpful, which I've also added to the official feature request.

Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback with us! We're listening to all of our builders, as we want to create the best possible experience in Honeycode :slight_smile:

That what our team also looking on a priority basis with print functionality or export to pdf


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