No apps will load and editor times out

Is anybody else experiencing these problems?

I have been working with honeycode for a couple weeks and today none of my work will load. Even the template apps that are un-modified are having the same problem.

When attempting to run an app the loading icon spins "forever" and never loads a page.

When attempting to open the editor I receive the following error: Unknown error loading workbook: Subscription failed for arn:aws:sheets:us-west-2:122162422134:sheet:9772bdc7-d2ec-421d-a0bf-1435e0b32d48/+: Subscription for topic: arn:aws:sheets:us-west-2:122162422134:sheet:9772bdc7-d2ec-421d-a0bf-1435e0b32d48/+ timed out after 5000 ms and 3 retries.

It mentions my subscription and a timeout but there appears to be no issue with my subscription as I can get to the dashboard and my profile. My internet connection is not an issue.

Hi @Jaso-fe21 :honeybee:

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you're seeing (we've received your issue reports for this as well).

We first recommend starting a new browser session and checking the different areas noted here. Please let us know if any of those steps clear the issue, and in the meantime, our team will also be further investigating the logs in your issue reports.

Alyssa, I made no changes but it appears to be working again.

Thank you.

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Ok great, thanks for letting us know @Jaso-fe21 :slight_smile:

Happy to hear it working for you now; Please reach out to us again if you bump into anything else, and we'll be happy to take a look. :honey_pot: :honeybee: