Notify team admin when row limits are reached and state that row limits have been exceeded in error messages

There needs to be multiple clear warnings to team admins when their workbook is approaching a row limit, and when an operation in an app fails due to row limits, that needs to be stated clearly in the error message. Even better, allow users to exceed row limits by 10 or 20% like Airtable does. Currently, when row limits are reached, Honeycode apps simply fail with a vague error message along the lines of "Unable to save the last step."

My small business has come to rely on Honeycode for our day-to-day operation. About two weeks ago, unbeknownst to me, we reached the 2,500 row limit of the free tier and our app began failing with an error message like "Unable to save the last step." When I investigated the issue, I saw that the December 2 update had caused apps to fail for some users. I tried to follow the suggested workaround to no avail. I also filed an issue, but I never received any support from Honeycode on my ticket. I concluded I would need to rebuild my app.

I decided it would be better to build a web app on my own server in Python where I will have full control and understanding of my application. After beginning that work, and over two weeks after my app began failing with a cryptic error message, I happened to try creating a new row in one of my tables directly in the workbook instead of through my app. That's when I finally saw the error message, "Total row count in workbook exceeds limit for the tier. Please upgrade your plan or try deleting some rows."

I would have been happy to pay $20 per month for this product. But unfortunately, I cannot afford to operate my business on infrastructure that may fail at any time with cryptic errors and no effective customer support. Sadly, this is the most costly issue I have encountered, but Honeycode's error reporting and user interface is crude throughout and the mobile apps suffer frequent connection issues and lag. So I will not miss Honeycode once I upgrade to a custom web app.


Hi @Isaiah, we’re sorry that you’ve experienced some difficulties with Honeycode. We’re committed to helping you in any way we can, and we value your feedback.

We appreciate the note on the in-app messaging for errors. Our team has been evaluating and improving the error reporting to make it easier for users to troubleshoot issues on their own. Those changes will be seen in the coming updates to Honeycode.

For the row limit issue, I’ll highlight there are ways to export data to other sources, which may help with hitting row limits. Honeycode now has two-way integration support with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, and you can also send data with the Honeycode APIs. Just areas to explore, as these allow you to send data to an external source.

Regarding your submitted issue report, we’ll reach out to you privately to better assist. :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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Hello @Isaiah, as @Alyssa had mentioned, we're certainly sorry to hear of the experience you had with limits. I do have good news though related to this. That is, we just recently launched a new notification to Honeycode users when they are nearing and when they reach billing tier member limits within the builder. This new notification allows team admins to quickly take action and upgrade the right team, even if they’re part of many teams. Hopefully this will help prevent an issue like you had experienced in the past.

Let us know if we can be of any additional assistance!