Offline Apps - Thanks for replying!

Hi, @Alyssa, thanks for replying! I am not able anymore to reply in my previous topic, so I will explain my situation here.
What’s your feature request?
Offline Apps

What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
I'm building an app for external use; the users have to send data (like hour, work's situation, and any others) that they get from outside to the office. Today they do manually in a local workbook and then send; I'm working to make this more easy for them, but there's a problem: sometimes they work in places that don't have connectivity or limited connectivity, and Honeycode can't send the data or save for a while. I'd suggest a local offline workbook, and the app keep sending data to it; as soon as connectivity returns, the cloud workbook is updated. I think this resource will make Honeycode stronger, and help a lot.
Thanks for reading, I hope we get it soon!

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Hi @Plan-c2ab, thanks for sharing your feature request, along with details! It's helpful for us to understand the scope around your use case, and how the improvement would support it.

Offline mode has been a popular suggestion from other builders like yourself, and one that our Product team has been prioritizing based on feedback.

I'll include your comments on the official feature request for the team to review. Please keep your feedback coming! :honeybee:

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