Parent Child picklist

How to make parent child dropdown/picklists in Honeycode.

hi @giri-f6a5, welcome to Honeycode and this forum, glad you are exploring building. If the examples below don't match your needs let us know your specific use case, or give some screenshots, and we can recommend something that may work better. In general the child picklist will have to use a FILTER to show only the relevant rows to show. If you put two picklists, A and B on a screen:

  • The first one (A) will be a simple rowlink to a table
  • The second one (B) will be a rowlink to a filter
  • The filter will look something like this (assuming that ColumnName and A are linking to the same table:

Here is the article on Filter function:

Here are some more examples from the community; they will ask for more complicated and deeply nested picklists but you should be able to get some good ideas:

Hope this helps,

I am trying to return a filter of d_Projects where $SYS_USER is assigned to a task that is assigned to a project.

d_Projects has: Name, TeamLead ($SYS_USER), and other columns that don't really matter right now.
d_Task has: Name, TeamMember ($SYS_USER), Project and other columns that don't really matter right now.

I have played with a few formulas just to try to return projects with task assigned to sysuser, but I just can't seem to get it to work.

'=FILTER(d_Projects,"d_Projects[Name]=d_Task[Project] AND

This seems to have gotten me the furthest, but it seems to only return one project and some logic that I am missing is determining the project.

I feel like I need a nested filter or something but I just can't figure out the right syntax for a nested filter.
Something like
'=Filter(d_Projects",d_Projects[Name] = [Project]", filterResult = Filter(d_Task,"d_Task[TeamMember] = $SYSUSER")

Hello @Benj-566a, I believe you could do the following...

  1. Create a column in the d_Projects table, for example, Related_Tasks. For column format, use the formula: =FILTER(d_Task,"d_Task[Project]=THISROW()")

  1. In Builder, for your List source, use the following formula: =FILTER(d_Projects,"d_Projects[Related_Tasks][TeamMember]=%",$[SYS_USER])

Hope this helps!