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I have created a next screen with a List with Search turned on. How do I pass in a search value to this new screen and list from previous screen?

Hi @anon59522620, welcome back to the community.

If I understand correctly, you want to pass a row from screen A to screen B and you want the list on screen B to show only the rows matching that particular keyword.

While it is possible to pass data from one screen to another, and it is even possible to filter a list for specific rows, currently there is no way to "feed" a random keyword into the search box and cause the list to do a search. I will pass that request to our product team.

You could work around it by passing passing along a search term and build your own search filter. For example you would say, show me all Projects where Description has the Keyword "apple" inside of it.

In your second screen you would have the variables Keyword, which would receive the word apple from the previous screen. Keyword wold be one of the items you would add to automatically created filter that Honeycode creates for you (if you choose to enable filter on the list when you create it).

  • =FILTER(Project,"($[StatusFilter]="""" OR Project[Status]=$[StatusFilter]) AND
    ($[TypeFilter]="""" OR Project[Type]=$[TypeFilter]) AND
    ($[TeamFilter]="""" OR Project[Team]=$[TeamFilter]) AND
    ($[Keyword]="""" OR ISNUM(SEARCH( % , Project[Description])))
    ORDER BY Project[DeliveryDate]",$[Keyword])

In this example I'm showing a typical filter for a Project list. It filters by Status, Type and Team, and I've just added the Keyword (darker line above). Please note that you would be limiting the power of the search this way, since you are only searching Description field to search for the Keyword "apple". By contrast the built in Search looks at all the visible fields to search.

Please let me know if this answers your question, or if you have any other

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